Adventure Learning Series – Corporate Team Building Programs

Adventure Learning Series – Corporate Team Building Programs

Adults in organizations respond poorly to trainings due to improper planning and poor knowledge of  the human behavior. Adult Learning Theories were considered in the crafting of the LTE – Leadership Transformation Experience which is the DNA in all our corporate training programs.

Our Leadership Transformation Experience is a wilderness based learning with an adventure being at its core design of the program. In a wilderness setting and environment, research has shown that (Project D.A.R.E, Canada, the Outdoor Experiential Learning has the power to produce good results in the education program for adults. The activities are conducted outdoors and participants must be ‘hands-on’ in their approach. The excitement from participating in an activity sounds more captivating to an adult compared to listening someone talk for a few hours.

With an adventure being the concept behind our program draft, participants will be taken into an adventure mode and be caught off guard to spur the learning. While most participants try to anticipate what is about to happen before attending such training, this creates repetitive thought patterns that make learning ineffective. An adventure opens up new possibility to make training fun and rewarding and at the same time gives the opportunity for participants to relax outside work without connecting to the outside world.

The outdoor experiential learning allows participants to have an appreciation and respect for nature. While it may not seem important to profits in a business perspective, it helps a long way in ethics in doing business. To have a leadership transformation experience, leaders need to have this value as a virtue.

This virtue in nature appreciation helps produce great people that will create value for society and make an impactful change for the growing population that is constantly taking away resources from the earth for personal gains and company profits. We will see that the participants go back to human roots which is in a nature setting and help them develop strong values as a human race that does not just care about monetary gains. Overall, the experience helps develop great leaders that we believe will drive the human race forward.

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