“The Only Leadership Program that creates lasting change”

“The Only Leadership Program that creates lasting change”

The Adventure Learning Series is founded on the inspiration of world-renowned therapeutic programs that have been benefiting people such as Project Development through Adventure, Responsibility & Education in the US and Canada. Such experiential education that utilises nature and an adventure-based design structure can produce accelerated, authentic and lasting personal change.

A dynamic business environment demands that demands that leaders not only take charge but must also provide an environment that brings out the best of his team members, in short motivate them too. In order to motivate others, it is necessary to discover the fundamental needs that employees, co-workers, and bosses have, and that these needs are not limited to basic income and personal necessities only. Good leaders understand what motivates the employees around them in order to influence them or create positive change

The program design are based on individuals’ mental and physical strength that transforms adults’ beliefs so that it will have a lasting impact on organisations’ workforce productivity. In short, it helps adults realise that they are capable of achieving more than they think; also called unconscious competence. It also creates and simulates these challenges to address these gaps, and subsequently develop practical activities to teach specific skills.



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