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Designing Learning Experiences that Empowers People to do better

The Adventure Learning Series was established in 2015 to be the leading, trusted experiential learning solutions service provider in Malaysia that specializes in Experiential Adventure Education devoted to leadership training, character-building and values formation. It is owned and managed by JB Global Success Ventures PLT, A Limited Liability Partnership that is certified by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, PSMB.

Currently, we organize and implement various experiential learning programs and workshops to help companies, educators, training organizations, and entrepreneurs in crafting and implementing learning solutions to enhance their learning effectiveness. Our programs and workshops are suitable for Corporate Leaders, Managers, Professionals, Executives, Non- Executives and Students.

Our key focus is to offer quality development of experiential learning programmes and workshops in Leadership, Team Building and Youth Expeditionary Learning Program. All our modules works in both indoor and outdoors and are conducted in prestigious to eco nature resorts across Malaysia.

To be the leading, trusted learning solutions provider in the learning and development industry so that people are empowered with all the necessary skills and knowledge to lead meaningful lives

To ensure that people have all the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their learning outcome

“Designing Learning Experiences that Empowers People to do Better”

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