Campfire Tales

A Camping Trip to the Semai’s Settlement, Gopeng Perak.

  Last weekend along with my usual overland friends and Kevin, we made a trip to the Semai’s Settlement at Gopeng, Perak. It is about 7-10km drive through the palm oil plantation from Gopeng town. If you intend to visit Gopeng town, you will easily get there by Wazing to “Gopeng”. Upon reaching Gopeng town we stopped for lunch at the food court which serves a variety of local cuisines. I [...]

An overview of how we plan a corporate program- Vlog Series

Dear all, We have recently embarked on producing our own videos on youtube to better engage with our participants and also a chance for others to get to know us. This vlog is about our recent trip down to Johor Bahru to visit an existing client of ours to collaborate our plans and ideas for their upcoming program which will be held at Thistle Johor Bahru. We hope you like what [...]

How to Claim your Training Programs under HRDF SBL Scheme

We’re glad to announce that we have recently obtained our Certified Training Provider Certification by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad. This entitles our clients who has an account with HRDF to first apply and claim their training Programs under the SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan) Scheme. All our Corporate Outdoor Experiential Learning Programs are claimable under the SBL Scheme The process is fairly straightforward, Certified Employers are required to submit their training program [...]

“Preparing you for the challenges ahead”- The Leadership Transformation Experience

What is the LTE? The Leadership Transformation Experience (LTE) is a system crafted for those that desire lasting and effective transformation. It is a series of outdoor experiential learning that allows individuals to go through a series of exciting yet challenging experiences that will empower individuals to be confident, inspired and driven for excellence and effectiveness for their personal development and how they function together as a team. The LTE Approach [...]

How we draft our corporate experiential learning programs?

This forms the most important part of the whole training. Without proper analysis, tailoring one-size-fits-all program is going to be a waste of time, money and opportunity costs. There are many outdoor team-building events offered by travel agencies and those can be great for teams on a budget such as college students’ club camp. The Adventure Learning Series prides itself for its uniqueness in offering organizations that are serious about results [...]

“The Only Leadership Program that creates lasting change”

The Adventure Learning Series is founded on the inspiration of world-renowned therapeutic programs that have been benefiting people such as Project Development through Adventure, Responsibility & Education in the US and Canada. Such experiential education that utilises nature and an adventure-based design structure can produce accelerated, authentic and lasting personal change. A dynamic business environment demands that demands that leaders not only take charge but must also provide an environment that [...]

Jonathan Boudville – Co-Founder

Jonathan Boudville, the founder and CEO of The Adventure Learning Series, a leader by nature and good with people. He has always upheld these values and a continuous and never ending learning mindset. Combining all his experience gained in the corporate world especially in negotiation and coaching skills along with his certifications as a Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Train The Trainer [...]

Adventure Learning Series – Corporate Team Building Programs

Adults in organizations respond poorly to trainings due to improper planning and poor knowledge of  the human behavior. Adult Learning Theories were considered in the crafting of the LTE – Leadership Transformation Experience which is the DNA in all our corporate training programs. Our Leadership Transformation Experience is a wilderness based learning with an adventure being at its core design of the program. In a wilderness setting and environment, research has shown [...]