Outdoor and Leadership

“Preparing you for the challenges ahead”- The Leadership Transformation Experience

What is the LTE? The Leadership Transformation Experience (LTE) is a system crafted for those that desire lasting and effective transformation. It is a series of outdoor experiential learning that allows individuals to go through a series of exciting yet challenging experiences that will empower individuals to be confident, inspired and driven for excellence and effectiveness for their personal development and how they function together as a team. The LTE Approach [...]

“The Only Leadership Program that creates lasting change”

The Adventure Learning Series is founded on the inspiration of world-renowned therapeutic programs that have been benefiting people such as Project Development through Adventure, Responsibility & Education in the US and Canada. Such experiential education that utilises nature and an adventure-based design structure can produce accelerated, authentic and lasting personal change. A dynamic business environment demands that demands that leaders not only take charge but must also provide an environment that [...]