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The year 2020 saw the rise of remote working. Now more than ever, there is a need for team bonds to be strong because of physical separation between members. Here at The Adventure Learning Series, we have adapted and customised our proven methods and activities to help you build a team that can weather the storms and challenges of working remotely.
We offer a fully customizable HRDF claimable program that focuses on program effectiveness, flexibility and continuity. Our track record is tested and proven from working with all sizes of teams – from multinational corporations, educational institutes, small-medium enterprises (SME), to fast-moving tech startups. You and your team will fully immerse yourselves in the program, and emerge with renewed confidence, a better understanding of communication, collaboration, and leadership. Also, don’t forget the fun memories, friendships forged, and team bonds strengthened.


“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”- Pat Riley


In these pandemic times, we all face the uncertainty of travel restrictions. Virtual team building removes this uncertainty in planning for your team’s goals.

Adherence to SOP’s.

Because there is no physical contact whatsoever, our virtual team building activities maintain full adherence to SOPs mandated by the government. Even team members in home quarantine can participate!

 Low Participation Barriers.

Have you ever tried to plan a company event or activity and was beset on all sides by scheduling conflicts and participation constraints? Virtual team building allows participants to join in from anywhere with a reliable internet connection!

Budget Friendly.

Without the additional overheads of logistics, accommodation, food, etc., our virtual team building programs are even more budget friendly than traditional location-based team building. And fully customizable to further meet your budget expectations.


 Our programs are designed to addressed the challenges faced by teams or organisations working remotely or apart from each other.

It is crafted based on our tested and proven modules that encourages participants to step out of your their comfort zone that builds character, and channels them towards becoming a better version of themselves through fun, friendship, teamwork and play.

We believe that in every person there is a desire to do better, always finding a way to make things happen, learning from their experiences, working together harmoniously with others, and the courage to say “yes” to the important things that matters most.

If you see that in yourself then all you need for this program is come as yourself.


“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”- Pat Riley

Play Full Out!

Employees need a breather from their job requirements. Thanks to technology, our blended learning platform will encourage them to play full out and step out of their comfort zone to learn something new so that they realize that perfection is about learning from they’re experiences and overcoming challenges.

Communicate Out Loud With Confidence.

Let’s face it, working from home can be lonely and this can compromise Mental Health. It does not discriminate age. This can come in a form of an over scheduled employee that can lead to a burnout and stress. The program will show them how that it’s ok to take a step back, voice out and harness the power of  teamwork to lessen the load.

 Prioritising What is Important.

Working from home can be distracting especially when we have to differentiate between work and family commitments. It happens especially in an environment that materialises perfection and results where one tries to please everyone at the expense of the important tasks. The program will show them how to acknowledge and embrace where they are now and what it takes to move forward with the courage and confidence to say yes to the important things that matters.

 Embracing Diversity and Harnessing The Power of Teamwork.

It’s even easier to reach out to our colleagues across the border but communication can be distorted or wrongly perceived which can lead to conflict. The program will encourage them to get to know each other to build trust so that they can learn how to work together better while embracing change, diversity and appreciating different cultures, values and beliefs. 


“I never teach my students, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”.- Albert Einstein

Our role as your facilitator is to facilitate the learning process. We use our knowledge and experience over the years to simplify complex topics and to look out for potentials in your employees to best challenge them out of their comfort zone to be a better version of themselves.

The activities are designed within their capabilities to make it easier for participants to apply life-changing lessons in a process called Experiential Learning. We believe people learn best by doing, and discover strengths that they never knew they had to overcome challenges. Afterwards, our intrinsic debriefing techniques will help them draw the most out of the experience. They will play, but play with purpose!


Our programs are fully customizable to meet your financial requirements and team building outcome. This enables you to tick-off redundant programs and activities so that you can focus your time and effort on more current and relevant topics that can empower your team to do better. Talk to us, it might change your perspective from what you want versus what you need. If you are a HRDF Certified Employer, then you can apply for the training grant and submit our structured and schedule virtual learning program for their approval.

These activities have been adapted to harness the features of our Virtual Learning Platform that can accommodate up to 300 participants (we do not recommend such a huge participation at one sitting unless it’s a motivational keynote session- experiential learning is all about effectiveness and engagement. Large groups can be broken into sub groups by structured scheduled sessions). The platform allows group discussions breakout sessions for team assignments and discussions for some of the modules. Each Breakout room will be facilitated by our facilitators and everyone will congregate again in the Main Room for the debriefing session.

Here are some of the proven and tested activities that will encourage learning in a fun engaging way:-

The Jam

Could Waze be your way out?

Have you ever been part of a team where everybody thinks they have the answer to the question? Challenge your communication, analytical and problem-solving skills as a team. How will you deal with the frustration of coming to a dead end as a team, or when the entire team each starts seeing out a different road to take to arrive at the destination?

The Construction Site

Divide OR Conquer?

Nothing like a little sabotage from within the ranks to bring a team together. Or destroy it? Find out what your team is made off with this intriguing activity we’ve designed to bring home some important lessons about perception and trust in teamwork.

This session will encourage participants to discover the value of trust within a team and how it has an impact on the final outcome and performance. Participants will also discover the threats surrounding the team and how they can work together to overcome it. As much as we would like to share, the outcome must be left to be discovered by the participants engaging in this activity. Here’s what one participant has to say about it ” I was so caught up with my routine that i didn’t see it coming, when it hit us, it really rang a lot of bells and it was back to the drawing board”.

The Almighty Pyramid

Listen to Pharaoh’s Instructions

Clothes maketh the man, some people say. But we say, cloths maketh the team. That’s ALL we are allowed to say – that this activity involves clothes…

This activity encourages participants to act upon instructions and dealing with change and uncertainty. In times like this teams need to identify at which stage of Team Development they’re at. They might identify the potential threat and opportunity surrounding them but do they have what it takes to implement it? Could Pharaoh be in their way? To let him be, convince him or walk away? Participants will have to use their creativity and influencing skills to adapt and affect.

The Artist

Did Picasso care what others think?

Do you have what it takes to guide another man’s (or woman’s) actions? When someone gets lost, is it the fault of the instructor, or the person taking the instructions?

Some say perception is our reality, such as ” we are doing well, everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, there are SOP’s in place to follow and we are producing results better than expected. Fine and Good, Well Done, Kudos. But here’s the thing, if what we think we are is the real deal then are the threats and opportunities surrounding the organisation or team a fallacy? This may create distrust and doubts which essentially affects performance. This is where participants will discover the essence of situational leadership. A team without clear direction perish. Participants will learn the different types of leadership styles and when to use it intelligently to communicate the vision and mission of the organisation to team members.


“You were selected based on your track record, which in fact speaks for itself at today’s event. You’re a good team to consider when it comes to organising team-building events.”

“It’s really challenging and mind-thinking, fun, enjoyable and challenging experience.”

“I like it. Awesome challenge for future motivation.”

“Good service provider and friendly to all and it’s worth it to have them when organising a team building program”

“When we had the first meeting, Jonathan provided a clear picture and willing to overcome our requirements. Attentive, responsible and fun group of people!”

“Challenging physical obstacles that require strong teamwork and strategic planning.”

“ALS knows how to create or tweak programs and activities to suit any organisation.”

“Creative Learning Experience.”


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    These are some of the Team Building Activities that we have concluded; they include The Movie Making Experience, Safe and Rescue Mission, The Trebuchet Challenge, Basic Navigational Skills and Running Man